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Slack connects systems, plus internal and external teams, to reduce friction.

In a simulated screenshot, an earnings call channel is used to coordinate information
Sara Parras8:46 AMWhile Harry is getting the first version of the Q1 Earnings Call deck together, here’s some content that the @investor-relations-team has been gathering for release during the call.
Q1-FY2019-Company-Overview676 kB PDF
uploaded this file: Q1-FY2019-Company-Overview
Lisa Zhang8:50 AM@Sara Parras Hello from the IR team! Can you please update the numbers in the master deck? Here’s the latest approved set of numbers.
Latest Business Metrics
GAAP Diluted EPS
$0.89 (🔺85% YoY)
Net Revenues
$1.5B (🔺2% YoY)
Message #earnings-prep
  • Simplified operations

    Unlike email, which is based on individual inboxes, Slack consolidates information and project history into channels. You (and your team) will always have access to the data and discussions you need to make well-informed decisions.

  • Satisfied customers

    Every customer interaction, and transaction, matters. Slack keeps everyone aligned and speeds up decision-making, helping you deliver more value to your customers.

“We believe that to become the No. 1 bank, we need to be the No. 1 tech team. To deliver on the expectations of our clients, we need to give our employees access to the best tools, and Slack is one of them.”

Martin Wildberger

Executive Vice President of Innovation and Technology, RBC

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Build a better experience

Slack’s rich API lets developers build custom apps and bots to suit your systems’ particular needs. Whatever use case you require, chances are you can build it on Slack.

A CustomBot app provides the most recent SEC info about a company inside a Slack channel
Lisa Zhang9:54 AMMet with some folks from GE at an event last week. That news item Harry shared earlier today reminded me to post my notes!
GE will sell $20 billion of assets, pursue another $2 billion of cost savings. It cut its 2018 EPS guidance (industrials + verticals) to $1.50-1.10 and set guidance for 2018 adjusted EPS of $1.00-1.07
CustomBotAPP9:56 AMSEC information for GE
General ELECTRIC CO (0000040545)
Latest 10-K
Message #opportunities-ge
  • ChatOps

    Puts all your build notifications, pull requests comments, and team discussions in one place.

  • Custom app development

    Our flexible platform, including tools like Block Kit, lets you build custom bots, workflows and tools to create the best products for your customers.


Get more out of your existing software

Spend less time switching between tools. With thousands of third-party integrations, you can use your favorite apps and tools right inside Slack.

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Secure Collaboration

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Enterprise-grade security is built into every aspect of how work gets done in Slack, without sacrificing usability; so you can get the most value and do your best work.

Security program

Slack’s industry-leading security program is based on the concept of defense in depth: securing your organization, and your data, at every layer.

Regulations and compliance

Slack is an ISO 27001-certified platform. It offers GDPR-compliant solutions, plus support for FINRA compliance, FedRAMP, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 (privacy) and SOC 2.

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Security features

Data encryption in transit and at rest

Support for Enterprise Mobility Management (also known as Mobile Device Management)

Data Loss Prevention

eDiscovery support

Native mobile security features

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