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Maximise your team’s productivity with paid Slack subscriptions

Get powerful features that make work a little less work.


Work is smoother with better collaboration

Teamwork, with people outside of your team

Shared channels make collaborating with outside organisations as simple as working with in-house teams.

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Animated video of employees working with collaborators from an external organisation within one Slack channel

Streamline and automate routine tasks

Routine, repetitive tasks bogging you down? Automate them with Workflow Builder so your team can focus on the important stuff.

Learn about Workflow Builder

Animated video of an employee filling in an automated form with a travel request in a designated channel

Security that grows with your organisation

Scalable enterprise-grade security to protect your information – even in the most regulated industries.

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Security certifications and features

Independently assessed for compliance with various security standards, including SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001 and HIPAA

Single sign-on via industry-standard authentication protocols

Support for two-factor authentication

Encryption of data in transit and at rest

Integrated with best-in-class DLP, EMM, eDiscovery and archival partners

Get more out of your existing tools

Make Slack the official home for all your tools, with unlimited integrations. Spend less time switching between apps and more time actually using them.

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Investing in teamwork pays off

Here’s what some of our US-based users say about working in Slack.

  • 95%

    report Slack is important for their team’s success

  • 80%

    believe Slack has increased transparency for their team

  • 87%

    say Slack has improved communication and collaboration

  • 62%

    say Slack has made finding information easier

A fundamental part of your technology stack

Whether you’re a team of 10 or 10,000, there’s a subscription for your organisation. Level up your teamwork with benefits such as tighter security, granular admin controls and more.

See which subscription is right for your organisation

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Instant search for all your information (limited to 10,000 messages)

Integrations with other apps (up to 10)

Paid subscriptions

Instant searchable archive (unlimited)

Teamwork with outside organisations (shared channels and guest accounts)

Integrations with other apps (unlimited)

Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks (Workflow Builder)

Security and data protection (SSO, auto-provisioning and deprovisioning and more)

Compliance (HIPAA support, eDiscovery, data exports and more)

Compare the benefitsFreePaid subscriptions
Instant search for all your informationLimited to 10,000 messagesUnlimited
Teamwork with outside organisations-Work securely with other organisations using Slack Connect
Integrations with other toolsUp to 10Unlimited
Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks-Workflow Builder
Security and data protections-SSO, auto-provisioning and deprovisioning and more
Compliance-HIPAA support, eDiscovery, data exports and more

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately, no. Slack is built for teams, so it’s only effective if your whole team are on board. To upgrade Slack, you’ll need to upgrade your entire workspace at once.

Not at all! Slack grows with your organisation, so you’ll never have to worry about limits on the number of people in your channels or team.

Yep, we keep all your information safe, sound and searchable! You’ll have access to every message or file from the very beginning of your Slack.

We have more information about each subscription on our pricing page. You can also contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through each subscription to work out the right one for you.

Yep! Learn more here.