About Mary

I’m a Georgia-born graphic designer and illustrator who planted myself in Virginia in the early 1980s. My parents, both artists, taught me how to “see” and “do” and instilled in me a “nothing is impossible” approach to creating… be it a drawing, a brochure, a billboard, a parade float, a piece of furniture, or my own wedding cake!  My clients seem to like my ability to solve their visual and communication problems.  I like to think “no problem!”  Rather than saying “No,” I immediately start thinking “How?”  And I usually have a solution that pleases. In fact, I always have at least several ideas.  Good ones. Confident? Yep. Cocky? Nope.  Just experienced and with a thoughtful design sense some have called classic and elegant. Over the last 30 years I’ve gone from pencils to pixels, yet I still like to get my hands dirty with paint, soil or sawdust. This blog will showcase some of these efforts. My main motive for blogging is to share my way of seeing, be it new work, old work, home projects, flower arrangements … all the things that color my world.

6 thoughts on “About Mary

  1. i am so excited to keep up with your masterpieces! you are truly an artist in every sense and i am always in awe of you and your creations!

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