Faking it

There’s an aspect to blogging that has me struggling today. Unlike journaling, the onus on the blogger is to write and post something entertaining for her followers, and not some narcissistic ramble — to be honest, humble and most of all offer up each post with a genuine sense of sharing. The secret to this medium, I believe, is finding the balance between expression and entertainment. My strength is certainly more weighted toward visuals,  so perhaps I need to focus on images and not fret so much with words.  Arguably, “A picture is worth a thousand” of them anyway,  so today’s post offers this “creature” from my 3-D (as in sculpture, not digital) archives. In time, I promise to supply more recent works, but as this blog is also another portfolio option, please indulge me as I upload the “business side” of my work from the past several years. I promise to mix it up over the course of the next few weeks with “current events!”

© Mary Garner-Mitchell

Applying a tan out of a bottle, while safer than sunbathing, is sorta like renting a Porsche for a few days, or borrowing a friend’s jewelry to go to a swank party. You eventually have to return to your old “pasty” self! To quote Kirk Cobain, “The worst crime is faking it.” Well, maybe the exception is tanning, but for most everything else, so true! © Mary Garner-Mitchell