Taking it with a grain of …

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”  — Stephen King

© Mary Garner-Mitchell for Media General, "Balancing Act"

© Mary Garner-Mitchell for Media General, “Balancing Act”

How many of us start the new year vowing to eat healthy? Yet, two weeks later those good intentions have likely become stirred into the indecipherable, lumpy, day-to-day mush of work and life. Before you know it, meals are dining out, grab-and-go, or the standard fare at home that may or may not be exactly “good-for-you.”

For someone who really enjoys food and enjoys cooking for someone who loves food even more, being told to eliminate salt is like taking away a surgeon’s scalpel. Oh, sure there are herbs and seasonings that can ramp up flavor, but those options are like handing the skilled doctor a pair of dull scissors!  It just doesn’t cut it.  Nevertheless, the Mitchell diet will be sans sel for the foreseeable future.  I’m not exactly happy about it, but one’s health, of course is paramount.

Balance, be it in life or whatever, it seems, boils down simply to one’s ability and willingness to practice good habits.

It’s a lot of hard work staying healthy.  (And it ain’t cheap either!)


Blow-up Girl

No, it’s not an illustration of a lonely guy’s cheap date!  This piece came about after too many hours in my former attic office/studio at the house. It is unfinished in that various “darts” raining down were intended (assignments, clients, dial-up, dirty dishes, laundry, a husband who preferred I not work at all hours, etc.), threatening to send this girl spiraling into oblivion.  It basically expressed a nagging need to find real work space — one with high-speed internet no less — in town. Gosh, it’s been almost seven years ago that I moved (to 104 N. Railroad Avenue, Suite C, Ashland VA 23005).

© 2oo7 Mary Garner-Mitchell

(Rendered in Photoshop, with airbrush tool.)