Something to chew on

© Mary Garner-Mitchell. Seattle’s Gum Wall is located along Post Alley, under Park Place Market.

Nothing like getting away for a few days and coming home with a store of good memories and inspiration.  A trip to Seattle to visit a long-time girlfriend followed by my nephew’s wedding amongst a faerie tribe in Oregon surely opened my mind to art and lifestyles that are so far removed from my staid mid-Atlantic sensibilities, that it’s downright shameful. And here I’m supposedly a creative. There must be something in the water or in the sea breezes off the North Pacific, otherwise, how else could people en masse be moved to create something like Seattle’s Gum Wall!  You can read more about this amazing gum-lined alleyway, including its second-place ranking as the “germiest” of tourist attractions next to Ireland’s Blarney Stone at

While some may dismiss the Gum Wall purely for its “ick” factor, this is the sort of creative spontaneity that I truly appreciate and see far too lacking in my day-to-day life and surroundings here in Virginia. That’s something I’ve got to change.  I’m sure I just need to venture to the city more often, look longer and WORK harder.